Know your rights…

Are we still free?

I have been silent this past year. Maybe a better description would be shocked! It was as if the world stopped, then stood still, and now is spinning out of control. Can you relate?

Life was going along pretty normal last March. My oldest was away at his first year of college. The rest of the family, including the cats, were getting used to one less family member around and Mama hen was adjusting to having fewer “chicks” in the henhouse. New experiences, new joys!

Then, in March of 2020, the world as we knew it changed. Our household went from four to six as our son sheltered-in-place back home with us, along with his girlfriend. Our family initially enjoyed more time together, more game nights, and some down time as we watched the unfolding of what felt like a science fiction movie in the world.

I am sure we were not unique as we spent months adjusting to the new norm and the isolation… never would most of us have ever predicted that in our life time we would see the human smile obliterated, Churches shut their doors, outdoor trails roadblocked. What happens to a society when they are starved for human interaction, human touch, fresh air, fun, joy, laughter?

For months I felt paralyzed as all I could do was watch the horror unfold. Shocked that our Churches would not have more faith. Shocked that there would not be more said, or done, to address the inevitable emotional health crisis. No one talked about that! No one talked about the loneliness, the depression, the anxiety. I could just sense something was very “off”- not really being able to put my finger on it. Watching the news over and over, something felt surreal. Listening to our Governor day after day- finally it all started to get old. I went from alert and aware to confused and somewhat in despair.

What was I to do with my confusion over why there were golfers on the golf course, yet our Church doors were locked shut and my favorite regional park blocked off? How could Grocery services and delivery services be necessary (not to say that they are not) but being able to sit by a loved one’s hospital or nursing home bed and hold their hand, be any less vital? Something about this just did not seem to make any sense but it was all happening so fast that none of us had any time to think! But, there was one thing that I could sense. Humans were being driven apart and fear was keeping everyone from their innate ability to think critically. We were all thinking with our hindbrains, and panicked.

The very thing that keeps us alive and thriving was being banned and regulated: our ability to feel compassion from human touch, our ability to produce endorphins from seeing a human smile, and the healing power of laughter and camaraderie. Fear of other humans was instilled into our world! Some took their own lives. Some had heart attacks from the stress. No doubt some even died from loneliness- not having the mental capacity to understand loved ones’ sudden absence. Most, if not all, of these deaths were counted as “covid” deaths and not what they truly were… at best, deaths from natural causes. At worst, death which was caused by what a whole population agree was unnecessary isolation. The world was too panicked to really fact check the numbers and those that tried to were silenced, or blocked, or debunked. Why was our government, our medical establishment, and our big tech industry, so hell bent on silencing versus considering?

Never have I seen an entire world compliant. Odd as that might seem, when one really considers the FEAR that was instilled and the isolation that was forced, no wonder.

While I and many others were literally frozen in place, thought-leaders that I have known and admired were working tirelessly to try to share their insight, share their voice with the world. My own personal physician, Dr. Thomas Cowan, and the amazing Sally Fallon, shared enlightening science in their book: The Contagion Myth – Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease. The book was removed from Amazon immediately because Dr. Cowan, an accomplished physician, presents concepts that he and many other equally brilliant scientists, have studied for years that would challenge assumption and acceptance and encourage thought- more specifically, thinking out of the box. Does science not embrace new discoveries? We are all lead to believe that a Virus that has been around for decades (with many variants) is now causing global destruction, yet their science about germ theory and illness is literally pulled from the shelves? Why would this book be pulled when his many other publications were not pulled from the shelf like Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, Cancer and the New Biology of Water, and many similar best-sellers? That seems very obvious. I am so thankful that I bought copies for myself and my family before it was judged by Amazon that human beings with the ability to think critically for ourselves, should not be allowed to make our own choice about what we read and what we believe. This was when I became convinced that my gut feeling was more than a hunch and I started digging for evidence that our freedom of speech was truly being threatened by unwarranted censorship of published data, by attempts to debunk or deplatform any and all qualified and experienced clinicians and thought-leaders expressing a consenting opinion to their narrative… the narrative that must be accepted for the rollout of mass injections.

As 2020 came to an end, and 2021 came barreling in, the horror of what I saw unfold with my own two eyes was undeniable. More physicians that I had admired and followed for years, with decades of clinical experience and a library of best-selling books among them, were being blocked from the public view. Warriors for transparency and accountability, like the amazing Robert Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense, were ridiculed for truly caring about lives more than profit. Links to published studies were becoming unavailable as many of us began to search for the other side of the story. The side that obviously someone did not want known. The more I searched for the truth, the more unfolded about how much was being manipulated.

As a human being, as a curious person, as someone that thirsts for truth and knowledge I could not ignore what I know to be a breach of the rights that our forefathers set out for us in our Constitution. As a science major, a graduate student, as a previous pharmaceutical specialist that worked in world renowned medical schools, I understand the science. Good studies, and bad. Emergency use versus medically proven safe. As a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend… I felt called to uncover ALL of the information I could, not just the sensationalized versions blasted on the television screen. It has been a most unusual, and I must add, sad year thus far.

More of our elderly die alone with their families faces pressed up against the glass. More of our children struggle with the fear of what their future holds. Dare they have the inclination to look closely and use their own minds to draw conclusions that what is being pushed as safe and in their own best interest might actually be modification of their future.

Fear has driven the world mad. Mad enough to not ask questions and get in line. For some, it is already too late and for them those of us that believe in a power greater than us all, know that our future is truly in HIS hands. For those that may still be uncertain we can hope and pray that the universe guides them to the right source of information and to all of the many warriors working to get the facts to the masses. For those afraid to follow their intuition, do not be. For that is the most powerful force in the life. For those that are confident in their knowledge stand firm and stand up for truth, honesty, and above all- our freedom of speech.

May God Bless all of us!

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